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Recent News

James Payne produced the upcoming album, for release in 2019.

The musicians on the project :Scottie Sanders- pedal steel, Duncan Mullins-Bass, Lonnie Wilson-drums, Buddy Hart-Keys, Joel Keys-Rhythm guitar, Brent Mason-Lead Guitar, Clifton Preddy-Fiddle


(919) 235-5975


Upcoming Events

For dates and details check out the events page on Cliff’s Facebook Page.

Thank You

Cliff would like to thanki the listeners and DJs as well as the ICGMA for the following highlights over the past year:

  1. The Church Pew, Good Morning to the Lord both charted in the top 10 on powersource Nashville charts.
  2. Cliff Waddell received nomination for 2018 ICGMA Male Horizon Vocalist of the year.
  3. Current Single, Thats What I Keep My Bible For, is currently charting at #13 on Cashbox charts and rising on Powersource Nashville.

“Cliff Waddell is one of the young guns of Country Music. He is an awesome singer and a very skilled Guitarslinger. He is one of the most prolific young writers to come along in a good while. One listen and you will be a fan. He is also just a very nice man. Very humble and a joy to work with. I am honored to call him my friend” – James Payne